Enterprise Feedback Management

It has been proven that customers report a much higher satisfaction level when companies follow up on the interactions with their customers. Relationships are constantly evolving and it is therefore important to actively listen.


  • What do your customers think about the service you provide them with?
  • How about the professionalism of your staff?
  • Do you know how you are living up to the promise your brand makes?
  • Are you an employer of choice?

Our EFM solutions enable you as an organization communicate, gather and act on feedback to drive loyalty, delighted customers or employees and ultimately increase sales.

At Conexus, we follow up with your customers almost immediately after an interaction. Any feedback generated from this follow up will be immediately available for your action, giving you the opportunity to act quickly.

We can conduct these follow ups using various methods – whichever will be most relevant and accessible to your customer database – whether its USSD, SMS, Email or personal telephone call.