Case Studies

The Power of Relationship Marketing

Conexus was approached to solve two main problems for Client A (Automotive Manufacturer) - namely their service standards / customer satisfaction as well as their limited customer database and the problem of limited client interaction – two seemingly unrelated problems that we solved with one campaign.

We used an outbound telephonic campaign as research has shown that customers in Africa would react well to a follow up call after an interaction. Our product, Tactix, is an electronic and processed approach that is supports follow-up, manages complaints, enables clean data and builds relationships with customers. Tactix is also more cost-effective than many other customer satisfaction measurement systems with an integrated reporting engine that provides real time results over a secure internet log-in.

Client A provided Conexus with its entire dealer database containing the existing customer information which required scrubbing. We were also provided with the names of sales and service customers each week.

The follow up calls led to two outcomes:

  1. Client A received customer satisfaction information and the opportunity to address customer issues immediately. This enabled a consistent standard of service to every customer that walked into the dealership. Benchmarking and competitive performance tracking at the dealership was also now attainable.
  2. At the same time, we were able to gather customer details to be utilized for further communication on a more frequent basis. The calls generated a customer database of 5 798 in Kenya. To make the campaign more successful, the agents used for this campaign could converse in Portuguese, Swahili and French. Using this system, we were able to maintain the central database and continually grow the number of contacts for each dealer as well as Client A Sub-Sahara.

In addition...

To build on the already growing database, we created a prospect database from business directories, yellow pages, Internet searches and cold calls to the relevant businesses.

Client A was now ready to embark on a frequent CRM campaign, incorporating all media.

Targeting their main fleet clients within the NGOs, government, embassies and corporate fleets, the goals of the campaign were to:

  • drive acquisition and retention of Client A fleet owners, and
  • to confirm the brand and positioning of the models.

Other media...

We deployed frequent and ad-hoc e-newsletters and SMS campaigns following the original telephonic contact. Client feedback was enthusiastic and positive and this provided inroads for Client A to ultimately meet with fleet owners face-to-face to increase sales.

At the same time...

Client A’s dealer staff were now receiving email communication from head office. This was a knowledge-sharing exercise that incorporated information about the dealer incentive programmes and news from around the business, ensuring that dealers bought into the programme and took customer satisfaction and the CRM programme seriously.

To sum up...

The creative approach depended upon:

  • multiple channels of communication; and
  • buy-in from all stakeholders.

We started with the most widely accepted medium of communication – the telephone – and built the campaign up to SMS, e-newsletters and face-to-face meetings which is where the sale would be concluded.